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Leaf Pattern Design
Roya Khosravi
User Experience Designer

Welcome to my design portfolio! As both an architect and designer, I’m passionate about exploring the infinite possibilities of design. I believe that design should be about more than just functionality; it should reflect a unique vision and express the essence of the space it occupies. My goal is to create designs that are both practical and beautiful, using innovative techniques and cutting-edge materials to bring out the best in every project. My firm conviction is that we should not limit ourselves by employing only what we have learned in our majors but to collaborate with individuals from other fields to increase the likelihood of having a true human-centered design.

If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to explore the tabs.


My interests: Problem Solving, Speculative Design, Sustainable Future, Cultural Diversity, Making physical models/prototyping, Traveling, and Interacting with people and pets.

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